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Semi-outdoor displays are available in both single-sided and dual-sided options. They are also available in 700 nits and 3000 nits options for sunlight readability. An optional floor-standing display is also available for sizes ranging from 49, 55, and 65 inches.

IP56 Display with 3500 nits brightness and sunlight readability, featuring a fanless design with TNI of 110℃/230℉. Optical bonding display screens, making it a more valuable commercial display option.

Protect your eyes from dust and humidity while maintaining clear visibility with polarized sunglasses. They also provide protection against external impact. Additionally, we offer web and mobile monitoring services.

Transparent OLED Display

Explore the future of display technology with our 30-inch Desk Top Transparent OLED Monitor. It leverages the groundbreaking transparent OLED technology, combining transparency and light emission for a perfect picture quality effect display.

Discover our 55-inch desktop oled transparent monitor, a breakthrough in OLED transparent display technology. Redefining desktop display norms, it offers unparalleled clarity, making it perfect for sophisticated professional and creative uses. Ideal for those seeking a blend of technology and clarity in their professional pursuits.

Our 55-inch OLED transparent screen showcases a unique vertical L shape, bringing a fresh and captivating approach to content display. This innovative design is a standout in any environment, from sleek corporate settings to dynamic retail areas, offering a visually engaging experience.

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