How to make successful outdoor advertising

 How to make successful outdoor advertising

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Have you recognized the value of outdoor advertising, but are not sure how to make successful advertising? We have got it ready for you!

 We spoke to Keith Nilsen, founder of Voodooh, a dynamic digital outdoor content production company, to understand the elements necessary for creating successful outdoor advertising.

The following points are directly from Keith, and are the basic elements to maximize the impact of outdoor advertising.

1. Simple and concise design

 Excellent outdoor advertising is designed concise, beautifully and generously.

Coco Chanel A dress suggestion intuitively summarizes the core of simple design; ” Look in the mirror before going out, remove the jewelry!”Since then, the Chanel brand of advertising has always followed the principle, adhere to the simple, simple and elegant, unpolished outdoor advertising design to lead the trend.

2. Short and impressive copy writing

 Try not to write in any more than five words.

The recent Cannes Outdoor Advertising Festival (Cannes Lions Outdoor) awards all prove the effect of this principle, including Twitter, Nike, McDonald’s, Apple and other international giants, their outdoor advertising creativity has no branch, only the theme. Take the following Twitter AD, for example, which both look impressive today, even if it was an AD in early 2017.

3. Bold and collision colors

 Use colors to distinguish between the core elements of advertising creativity.

Let go of courage! Subtle colors will only have a subtle impact, unable to catch the eyeballs of the mobile audience. Color is the means by which you highlight important areas, elements and details, and emphasize advertising information, just as the color effect of McDonald’s “Lights On” advertisement.

4. Be careful with entertaining the audience

 Don’t underestimate the fun of knowledge discovery!

We often forget that the audience loves the entertainment effect. Outdoor advertising can easily create space, stimulate the audience to think and understand the creative details, and reported with a knowing smile. There are many good examples, but the latest AD from British home furnishings retailer B & Q is undoubtedly the best. Without a word, the AD conveys the value of B & Q, and brings a small visual reward to the audience.