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outdoor bus shelter signage display-680-450

LCDoffice bus shelter signage display powered by the LG/BOE industrial panel, integrated with more than 2500 cd/㎡, can up to be 4000 cd/㎡, which will make all the display contents sunlight readable even when with the direct sun light. Also with the smart cooling system, all the components with the screens can work under the from the -20 ℃ to 45 ℃ ambient temperature.

The digital window display with its ultra-high brightness of up to 3,000 cd/㎡, and TNI 110 ℃ industry glass, the display is bright enough to withstand direct sunlight and deliver vivid video and pictures to your potential clients.  There will be more flexible way for the installation, floor standing and the ceiling mount depends on the real retail shop request. Dual sides, floor standing, ceiling mount and ODM projects available.

LCD Narrow Bezel Video Wall

LCD narrow bezel video wall is a display system with thin bezel,   panel size including 46 inch, 49 inch, 55 inch and 65 inch, 3.5mm bezel, 0.88 mm bezel, 28% haze, with more than 28% haze display surface technology,all the pictures and the video wall display will be more easy to display, no matter it is for the office display, shopping mall, or the school, meeting use. Last, not the least, LCDoffice is the direct partner with LG Business Solutions.

Transparent OLED screens have indeed gained popularity and are being used in various industries and settings. Their unique characteristics, such as high transparency and ability to display vibrant visuals, make them suitable for a range of applications. Here are some examples of where transparent OLED screens have been widely used: Shopping Malls, Enterprises and Institutions, Financial Outlets, Airports and Stations, Real Estate, Commercial and Residential Buildings, Catering Culture, Electronic Communication, Attractions, Medical and Healthcare, Hotels and Other Crowded Places.

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