This is Outdoor Display

Outdoor Bus shelter Display

Sunlight Readable Important

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Lighting ConditionAmbient BrightnessRecommended Display BrightnessApplication
Indoor  no  light250-300 cd/㎡250 cd/㎡Darkroom
Indoor with light900 cd/㎡up to 350 cd/㎡PC desktop, CCTV monitoring
Retail shop lighting; Facing sky900~2500 cd/㎡350 ~ 550 cd/㎡Monitor shops, Commercial display
Overcast sky; Half indirect sunlight2500 ~ 6000 cd/㎡550 ~ 800 cd/㎡Public transfer,  semi-outdoor digital signage, 
Strong sunlight6000~10000 cd/㎡2000~ 4000 cd/㎡DOOH, Bush shelter, Patrol station

Why Need Optical Bonding

screen without optical bonding

Without optical bonding

screen with optical bonding

With optical bonding

How Does It Work

In highly harsh temperature environments, like the outdoor bus shelter display, it will be much easier for the display screen to cause moisture condensation, which creates air gaps. These air gaps not only affect the video quality on high-brightness screens (such as 2500 cd/㎡ and 4000 cd/㎡) but can also damage the screen if left unchecked for a long time. However, optical bonding can effectively fill the air gaps and prevent condensation and fogging. This results in more explicit pictures and a longer lifespan for the screen display.

outdoor display optical bonding dual sides-floor standing-555-750

Airport model

LCDce75-Oha, special design for the airport model, super big slim design based on the airport big stream flow, will easily catch the travelling people‘s eyes. providing convenient boarding pass information.

Powered by the galvanized steel, fashionable enclosure stylish, making the contents pushing much more easy to get the attention during the airport or other crowded place.

outdoor drive thru signage display

Fast food model

LCDce55-Ohf, designed for the fast food outdoor display, also called the outdoor menu display, it will be much valuable for the drive thru display, such as KFC, McDonald, and Starbucks, where the places people can easily buy the fast food.

The new generation on the Ooh screen display, integrated with the new optical bonding technology, give best vision experience even the drivers wearing the polarized sunglasses-4000cd/㎡

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More options for installation



Benefits from the TNI 110 ℃ , more than 15% light transmittance LG/BOE industry glass, and ultra-low power consumption LED lamp, as well as the Optical bonding technology, the 4000 cd/㎡ outdoor signage display without fans, no ventilation and no filter needed now is the sweet spot for the commercial display market, better screen display value and no more maintain cost.

no fans

No Fans

no ventilation

No Ventilation

no more ventilation need, it will be good to use the function

no filter

No Filter

55 inch maintenance-free outdoor 2500 nits screen
ev charging display station outdoor screens
Model: LCDce55-OEV

EV Charging Station Display

55 inch screen 3000 cd/㎡, IP65   24/7 running for 100 % green energy. Impression counting with demographic measurement-LCDce55-OEV.

22kW/32A@400VAC RFID / APP

Commercial fast charging, with smart APP

Smart cooling system

2.0 smart cooling system making the internal enclosure to be the stale in any kind of the extreme environment

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