Digital window display

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No More Blackening

New technology on the digital window display.

Due to the special ultra-high brightness panels, the original glass from LG and BOE, these screens can even work on the  surface temperatures up to 110˚C without damaging the LCD inside, or suffering from any blackening defect. This is very important for semi-outdoor window display screens, and no matter how long the screens exposure to the direct sunlight.

digital window display compare with normal panel-new-800-550
window display ceiling mount-555-377-nike

Ceiling mount

The classic ceiling mount model, it is a new option to consider for digital window signage display. Easy for installation and the super thin bezel screen provides the  better image quality that will be more attractive for audience’s attention in any kind of the light conditions.   Thanks for the easy installation way, it is getting more and more popular commercial way for the digital display.

43 inch, 55 inch, 65 inch is available for stock, and ODM
Model: LCDce55-Wcd

window display floor standing uniqlo-png

Floor standing

With the fantastic thermal management system which prevents the screens from overheating damage, and the super low-power consumption design, can make the high brightness window signage display working more efficiency. The clear, and vivid pictures quality can give better response on achieving better customer attention for any brand we want the promotion.

55 inch and 65 inch with 2500 nits and 700 nits dual sides display
Model: LCDce55-Wfd

Manual Lcdce55-Wcd-SPEC

Installation Lcdce55-Wcd-SPEC

Care more on the display

​4K sensor with HDR and intelligent imaging

3000 cd/㎡

The new generation LED backlight and the advanced layout (full-array led)technology make the high light brightness panel working well with the super lower power consumption, keep the suitable working temperature in the enclosure case.

TNI 110 ℃ /230 ℉

The new generation industrial glass make the 3000 nits screen working well under the direct sun light, even when the temperature of the surface coming to be 100 ℃/230 ℉


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