Discover the transformative power of CEOLED’s OLED displays, designed for versatility in commercial environments. Our range includes state-of-the-art flexible, transparent, and curved OLED screens, available in various sizes to elevate your business space.

 Flexible OLED screens – Versatility Meets Aesthetic

Our flexible OLED screens, available for sale, offer unparalleled design freedom. These cutting-edge displays are perfect for creating captivating commercial signage and innovative structures, ideal for businesses looking to make a bold visual statement.

 Transparent OLED Screens – Clarity and Innovation Combined

Experience the future with our transparent 4K OLED screens, where high-definition content meets unobstructed views. Ideal for storefronts and interactive installations, these screens provide a cost-effective solution for businesses seeking to blend digital content seamlessly with physical environments.

Curvable OLED screens – Immersive Experiences from Every Angle

As a leading OLED screen supplier, we offer curved OLED displays that provide immersive viewing experiences. Their wide viewing angles and superior picture quality make them perfect for creating engaging environments in high-traffic areas like casinos and museums.

OLED Video Walls – Crafting Expansive Visual Narratives

Our OLED video walls, assembled from multiple display screens, are available for sale and are perfect for delivering expansive, impactful visual narratives. Ideal for control rooms, lobbies, and auditoriums, these video walls ensure your message stands out with unmatched contrast and color accuracy.

OLED Flexible Display

Flexible OLED technology is revolutionizing portable tech with slim, energy-efficient displays. This technology is paving the way for foldable smartphones and wearable devices. The screens offer superior visual quality with high contrast and vibrant colors. They are integral to the rising popularity of rollable TVs and cutting-edge wearable tech, highlighting the vast potential of portable tech innovation with their immersive and adaptable designs. Our company offers flexible screens in mainstream sizes of 55 and 77 inches. These screens can be customized into various shapes, making them a popular choice in current OLED commercial displays.

Transparent OLED

LG’s Transparent OLED Signage uses advanced OLED technology to achieve 45% transparency, surpassing traditional LCD displays which only achieve 10%. This design, without a backlight or liquid crystal layer, creates a sleeker appearance. It displays objects behind the screen and overlays relevant information on them, making it perfect for showcase displays such as those found in jewelry stores. This enhances the appearance and appeal of the items displayed. Transparent OLED screens are becoming increasingly popular in commercial settings and are poised to become the future standard in commercial display technology.