What is the difference in LCD video wall

As all we know, China is the largest LCD video wall panel source and original production base in the world, no matter the essential raw material, or technology, and more than 98% of factory production is located in Guangdong province and Fujian province.

When we talk about the video wall, normally for the LCD video wall, there are the standard size: 46 inch, 49 inch, 55 inch, and 65 inch, and the standard bezel is 3.5mm, 1.8/1.7mm, 0.88mm bezel, some called 0.44 bezel. Back to 10 years ago, there were only LG and Samsung two brands in the markets, assembly in Guangdong China, the Companies call BOE, CSOT, and Lnnolux. After then, more companies get the technology, also with the China government’s investment, BOE is growing into the biggest LCD panel production factory in the world, this is more clear since Samsung withdraw from China market, and the video wall share.

The point is coming to the difference, and what is it.

LG always keep its monopoly position on the high-end market, with nice quality and good software experience in the past 5 years, including the China market. Except for the high-end share, there is another way for the video wall, we call it an assembly video wall, and there are two kinds. One is using the original LCD Video Wall Moduel from LG and BOE, another is using the LG or BOE glass making the backlight and the frame by the factories themselves, everything is the cost, and there is also the market both in China domestic and the overseas markets.

Let’s take the 55-inch, 3.5mm video wall, for example, LG 55VL5F-A , the retail price is 2025 US dollars with SuperSign CMS. If using the LG original Moduel-LD550DUN-TKB2, the wholesale cost is 370 USD, with assembly cost, the selling price is 430 USD around. If using the BOE glass to make the 3.5mm video wall, the cost can be 370 USD. That is the big difference from the cost. For the quality, there are more and more small gaps between them, which is why there are huge buyers from around the world who prefer the second and the third plan even if they rather pay the freight cost and the tax VAT even LG and the local storage.

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